Cell Phones for Soldiers


Cell Phones for Soldiers


Since its inception in 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers has worked to keep military families connected by providing FREE communication tools to those serving overseas in the United States military. In seven years, the registered 501(c)(3) has provided troops with more than 2.5 million prepaid calling cards, equating to 181 million minutes of FREE talk time.

Cell Phones for Soldiers hopes to continue its mission to provide troops with FREE calls home through generous monetary contributions and the recycling of used mobile phones. Used mobile phones from all service providers are accepted. Each $5 contribution, or donated device valued at $5, will provide troops with 2.5 hours of FREE talk time.


Donated cell phones are sold to a company that recycles them. The money we receive from recycling cell phones is used to purchase calling cards that we send to troops in need.

Drop cell phones off at participating PenAir locations:

8460 N. Century Blvd., Century

5570 W. Hwy 98, Pensacola

305 W. Gregory St., Pensacola

10010 Eastern Shore Blvd., Spanish Fort, AL

1301 S. McKenzie St., Foley, AL

3591 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Gulf Breeze

5056 Dogwood Dr., Milton

5434 Dogwood Dr., Milton

21 Cunningham St., Pensacola

1495 E. Nine Mile Rd., Pensacola

60 Industrial Blvd., Pensacola

4586 Hwy. 90, Pace

2155 Hwy 59S, Robertsdale, AL

4523 Saufley Field Rd., Pensacola

7180 Langley St., Bldg. 1417, Whiting Field


Dear Brittany & Robbie,
I live in Dedham, MA. I loved your idea, your thoughtfulness and selflessness when I first heard about it 4 years ago. I am part of the Dedham Junior Woman's Club and we have been donating cell phones for a few years now. Well, I want to tell you I am very grateful to you and your program because I have been the recipient of a phone call from my son who is now in Iraq and used one of your cards! He was quite surprised to see the message on the card he used that it was from your program. He had read about you in the newspaper and felt it was part of home reaching out to him. He called me on Mother's Day and my birthday. I didn't expect to hear from him and needless to say, it made my day! It brings tears to my eyes now thinking about it. Thank you so much for the wonderful idea and program you started. I'm sure it is hard work but please know that your efforts, and those who help you, are greatly appreciated by the families who are recipients of those phone calls. Thank you and God bless you. Sincerely, Kristen - Dedham, MA

Here is a picture of the Soldiers who received the cards - again, thank you so very much for thinking of us. We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity!
I can't tell you thank you enough!! This picture was taken behind a Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle at a Joint Security Station outside Baghdad. The Soldiers pictured are from 1/21 Infantry and very appreciative and happy about thier cards!
Thanks Again,
Major Bob Risdon


I requested Some Phone card's for my son Ronald Joe Lewis II,& his shipmate's, they are on the Aircraft carrier the Kitty Hawk, they are out too sea, on a mission, but he just e-mail me and told me he received the phone card's, he said he gave them out, too all his shipmate's, and that they were very happy too get them, all 500 sailor's said Thank you, and that they are so happy too know that their are good people, out their that support our Troop's, they will be calling their loved one's, very soon,
Viola Lewis


Q. What types of cell phones do you want?

 A. We will accept any type of cell phone.

Q. What do you do with the cell phones?

A. The cell phones are sold to a company that recycles them. The money that we get for the phones is used to purchase calling cards that we send to our soldiers serving.


Q. Do you send any cell phones to the soldiers?

A. No. Most of the cell phones that we receive are not GSM enabled, therefore would not work in the Middle East. In addition, for security reasons, we cannot send a cell phone directly to a US soldier serving in a war zone.


Q. Can I donate a calling card to a specific soldier or unit?

A. Yes, as long we have the APO we can directly mail cards to the soldier.